A Tip on Rapport Building From an Email Marketer

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A Tip on Rapport Building From an Email Marketer


A Tip on Rapport Building From an Email Marketer How do you build rapport in an email?

Here are some key suggestions to build rapport:

  1. Match the customer’s writing style. …
  2. Match the customer’s paragraph length. …
  3. Use positive language. …
  4. Check to spell! …
  5. Be personal, write with emotion and empathy. …
  6. Mirror the greeting and signature. …
  7. Keep commitments.

Because building rapport and creating a relationship is one of the more important factors in any business in any industry.

If I don’t become you’re “daily talk show” (which is what a daily email/podcast/article is about) I don’t build rapport and I don’t build a relationship. And building a relationship is NOT done in with an occasional touch. An occasional touch (like one phone call every once in a while rather than an actual visit) is the best way for people to forget about you.

But, if you display your personality through a medium that people can connect with regularly, then they start to become your “fan”. Regular touches I find to be the key to constant referrals, and increased rapport. My real estate agent I will go to the moon with. Why? Because he’s the only agent I know that comments regularly on my social media posts, he sends postcards (especially on b-days) and calls on occasions.
For my house list, I email daily with entertaining, information-packed emails.

Will I turn people off?
Most likely.But for every one person that’s offended you get 3 others who praise. And my recent testimonials of just my emails alone prove it.

The bottom line for all you out there meeting with sellers to buy a house from… be yourself and build a connection with the sellers. Listen to them, tell a relevant story, “shoot the crap” with them. Drop-in regularly to see how they are doing. There may be some that don’t like you, but more will enjoy your genuine personality.
You can follow scripted questions, but make sure you adapt them to who you are and your personality. When I would follow scripts from Gurus, I tended to sound robotic. So I gleaned over those scripts, threw them out, and just started being myself while at the same time keeping the deal in mind. After that, the appointments went much smoother with more success.

Don’t forget, when you’re with a seller let them do the majority of the talking. Being yourself is important, but more important is asking them a lot of questions and letting them talk. The best book on this topic is “How to influence people and make friends”. This book is the bible on not only relationship building, but selling as well.
“Ask, ask, ask” while being yourself with constant contact is the key to increased conversions, likability, referrals, and deals.

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